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We sell top quality Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Zinger, Rawlings and Old Hickory. These are the best five bat makers in the Industry on quality, selection and price. There are over 320 known bat companies and these are the best 5 and the only 5 we are working with. The majority of our Bats were designed for Pro Players that were not accepted due to overuns. A pro overun is much better than any bat that a general member of the public will ever have access to. We also have closeouts, irregulars and blems which are typically issued to pro teams. If you are looking for a top quality custom bat that is the best price you can get then you are in the right place. These bats are the highest quality that you as a member of the public can get your hands on. We update our inventory frequently so check back.
New Pro Bats
We have custom bats that you cannot find in stores, one of a kind misprints and odd ball bats. We weigh every bat we sell and we realize no two bats are the same. Our prices are typically 1/2 to 2/3 of retail cost. Every bat on this site will be at bargain prices.
We proudly accept Payments with Paypal. We do not have a store. If you are interested in meeting contact us and we can arrange meetings. We ship UPS only to verified Paypal Shipping Address. We ship overseas USPS.